Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Colour Magick~Release Or Embrace


Colours play an important part in our life, a colour can reveal much about us and what is going on in our life.  Take a look at the candles in the picture, take a deep breathe, take your time, let your eyes wander over each colour until you feel one colour calls to you.

It might be that you need to bring something into your life or release something from your life with regards to the colour you have chosen, only you will know which.

Colour Meanings

Black~ Consistency, Changes, Banish Bad Habits
White~ Protection, Peace, Spirituality
Green~ Healing, Finances, Fertility
Yellow~ Visions, Psychic Powers, Wisdom/Knowledge
Red~ Power, Passion, Strength
Orange~ Success, Legal Issues, Energy
Purple~ Meditation, Time For You, Release
Blue~ Sleep, Calm, Daydreams

You might want to take the candle colour you are drawn to and light it asking for release or embrace.  Words are powerful so why not write down what it is you want to say, for example if you are drawn to Red and you feel that the passion you have had for the artwork you have been creating has waned, disappeared and you keep putting it off then your Red candle might ignite that passion you once had for your creative side or maybe you are drawn to Yellow and wish to learn more but college or a online course seems out of your reach, light the candle and ask for confidence, ask for knowledge to grow as a person.......I usually do this kind of magick as a one off which is why I like to write what I need to say down on paper so that I don't forget anything, I then take a few moments to visualise what I want or need before blowing out the candle.

 **You don't have to light a candle, you can if you so choose just work on the part of your life that you might feel needs working on.  **This is meant as a guide to what colours mean, it isn't to replace medical assistance so if you feel you need to seek your Dr then do so.  **Always be careful with lit candles and don't leave unattended.